June 18, 2024

Review process

Manuscript Review Process in Journal of Applied Sports Sciences

Each manuscript submitted for review in the journal goes through a specific review procedure. Once admitted after initial review, the text is sent for double-blind review to external reviewers (minimum 2) selected by the editor-in-chief from those proposed from the system and invited specialists working on the subject. The reviewers are not affiliated institutionally with the author(s) collective and are, therefore, considered external to the submitted manuscript. The reviewers must be specialists in the field. If the reviewers have differing opinions, the text is sent to a third reviewer selected from the Editorial board. After the reviews come back through the system, the editor-in-chief, based on the reviews, chooses what kind of editing the manuscript should have. If necessary, the editor-in-chief may be consulted by another specialist on the topic from the editorial board.

When the manuscript under review is returned for revision to the authors, the anonymous reviewers’ comments are attached to it. After the author(s) edit the text according to the reviewers’ recommendations, they submit the manuscript through the system for initial review and admission to re-review. The corrections made to the text should be indicated in a different color from the main one so that they are visible to the reviewers for a second review.

The manuscripts are accepted by the Editor-in-chief only after receiving two positive reviews (Accept) from the anonymous reviewers.